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Criminal Law

Our firm specialises in all aspects of criminal defence. Whether your case is at investigation stage or has progressed to court, we can assist. We have experience with the complete breadth of criminal offences, and represent both privately-funded and legally-aided Defendants at the police station and at court.

Immigration Law

Our firm has experienced lawyers that can also assist in immigration matters, including applications for VISA and bail applications in deportation cases. Please get in contact to discuss your case. 

Contact Us

If you wish to speak to us to see if we can assist with your case, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will treat your query in a sensitive and confidential manner.

Family Law

From applications in the family court to custody disputes, our team can assist in a range of family matters. Please contact us to speak to a member of our team.

Client Reviews

"A few months ago, I was falsely accused of a very serious offence and turned to Henscott Solicitors as I had used them previously. I was made to feel very assured that I was in safe hands... they were able to help me clear my name which I am very grateful for - thank you! I would recommend Henscott to anyone who is looking for reliable, dedicated and trustworthy solicitors"DI (24/09/15)


"One of the best solicitors I have had and very professional. Outstanding result." - Elizabeth (31/10/15)


"Very good solicitor... Could not have asked for more." - Anonymous (01/08/16)


"Henscott claim they are available 365 x24 hours !!!! That is no mean task and I can safely say this is exactly what they do - I am not sure how but Jonathan Tyson goes beyond the call of his duty as was evident from a recent complex case he resolved successfully often responding to my messages  well outside of working hours. Jonathan is a sharp, knowledgeable , trustworthy, attentive and personable individual whose main priority is to genuinely help his client. He is straight talking with a brilliant mind. I was pleasantly surprised when on a few occasions he actually found alternatives with an effective outcome to save costs. Very rare quality indeed. So if you are looking for an expert you can trust without burning  your pockets look no further, call Henscott Solicitors.  Thank you again Jonathan as without your persistence a vulnerable and innocent man would have not seen justice." - Babs Mak (16/03/17) 


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